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US Postal Service Unclaimed Funds
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U.S.P.S. Unclaimed Money - Uncashed Money Orders / Postal Savings System Bonds
Although negotiable in perpetuity, domestic money orders are considered unclaimed after going uncashed for two years, at which time the underlying funds are used to subsidize post office operations.  Every year, more than $25 million in USPS money orders are not cashed. Because the name and address of the purchasers and payees of domestic money orders is not recorded, no effort is made to contact those entitled to a refund.

If the money order was lost, stolen or destroyed prior to negotiation, it is possible to obtain a replacement. For assistance go to: Postal Service Money Order Search

In addition to unnegotiated postal money orders, the post office is the source of an additional stockpile of unclaimed funds. The Postal Savings System was established in 1911 to provide safe, convenient depositories for Americans who could save and earn interest by purchasing certificates. The program was terminated on July 1, 1967. Certificates worth $59 million have been redeemed, but 400,000 were never claimed.

Special Note: For information on Postal Savings Certificates and their successor, Postal Savings Bonds, go to: Postal Savings System Bonds and Certificates

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