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Credit union share accounts may be considered abandoned if a deposit or withdrawal is not made over a period of time, generally one to five years. This may be true even in cases where CDs (Certificates of Deposit) automatically "roll-over."

Have you lost track of a savings account, certificate of deposit (CD), or safe deposit box? Did you have unclaimed money at a credit union that moved, changed its name, or closed? Don't assume that because your credit union no longer exists that unclaimed funds are lost forever. Your dormant account may have been transferred to a new institution after a merger or acquisition.

Even in the event the credit union failed and closed its doors, you may still be entitled to collect insurance proceeds - up to $250,000 per account - from government regulators. Since 1990, more than $331 million has been paid out to well over 100,000 credit union members.

Unclaimed money may be recovered after years of inactivity, even if a passbook is lost or destroyed, but you must act promptly to safeguard your interest, as some claims are subject to time limits.

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