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The Railroad Retirement Act replaces Social Security for railroad employees, providing payment of retirement, disability and survivor benefits.

The Railroad Retirement Trust Fund has a balance of approximately $16.5 billion. Currently 818,000 railroad retirees and heirs receive benefits. Records date back to 1937, but five percent of railroad employee addresses on file are not current.

In addition, survivors of retired railroad employees who died between 1964 and 2001 may be entitled to receive a $2,000.00 life insurance benefit under a group life insurance policy issued to the Health and Welfare Plan of the Nation's Railroads and the Railway Labor Organizations.

The Railroad Retirement Board makes 'no routine effort' to locate surviving family members or lost employees with railroad service who have not filed for benefits. For a search of the unclaimed railroad life insurance benefit database and claims information on railroad employee retirement benefits order our Special Report: Railroad Retirement Unclaimed Benefits Search

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